Medication Management and Patient Safety

//Medication Management and Patient Safety
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Medication Management and Patient Safety

Medication management as it affects patient safety is a serious issue for hospitals and one where regulatory vulnerability is a high risk. For instance, a recent study1 reported that between 210,000 and 440,000 hospitalized patients each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death. The Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services estimates that only 14% of adverse events, such as medication errors and surgical events, are reported by hospital staff2.

Hospitals need to be extremely vigilant in identifying and reporting medication errors. Without properly identifying medication errors it is difficult to correct them and ensure patient safety.

Steven Hirsch & Associates offers the expertise of a seasoned pharmaceutical consultant with surveyor experience to guide hospitals in optimizing their medication management policies and procedures and patient safety practices. Specific services include:

  • Creating Medication Error Reduction Plans (MERP) and preparing for surveys as it relates to the MERP and resolution of identified concerns.
  • Reviewing policies, procedures and reporting systems to ensure errors are identified and addressed.
  • Conducting chart reviews of patients receiving common “trigger” drugs to trend the usage of medications frequently given in error.
  • Reviewing current medication dispensation practices and recommending refinements to enhance patient safety and clinical efficiency.
  • Coaching and mentoring chief pharmacists on leading quality improvement and patient safety initiatives.

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