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Medical Staff Services

Steven Hirsch & Associates is able to provide both interim support and day-to-day operational expertise in medical staff services. Specific services include:

  • The provision of consultants who are Certified Professionals in Medical Staff Management (CPMSM) and Credentialing Specialists
  • Assistance with credentialing procedures and licensure verification
  • Assistance in preparing for accreditation surveys, with on-site consultant availability during scheduled surveys
  • The design and implementation of Medical Staff Office management systems, policies and procedures
  • The training of Medical Staff Office personnel in all aspects of Medical Staff Office management

The Steven Hirsch & Associates team includes certified medical staff services coordinators offering medical staff services that include credentialing, accreditation preparation and medical staff office management.

Independent Peer Review

Many organizations may find a periodic need for outsourcing physician peer review. Steven Hirsch & Associates can provide the services of qualified physician reviewers to conduct independent peer review of practitioners affiliated with your organization, utilizing the services of medical school faculty practitioners in the clinical specialty of the individual under peer review.

Instances in which this service may be useful include:

  • Additional practitioners in a given specialty are not available or on staff
  • A focused review of a practitioner’s performance is required to improve his performance

The review would include evaluation of individuals with clinical privileges; communication to the appropriate parties of the review findings; and recommendations to improve performance.

For more information on how Steven Hirsch & Associates can assist you by providing both interim support and day-to-day operational expertise in your Medical Staff Office Click Here!