Environment of Care – EOC

Steven Hirsch & Associates consultants are experienced in providing consultation and education related to Environment of Care standards and Life Safety. We provide staff to assist in the development of Environment of Care Plans and Statements of Condition, as well as conduct the annual evaluations of the Environment of Care Plans. In addition, our consultants can:

  • Facilitate NFPA Life Safety Code® compliance, including the development of Interim Life Safety programs and assistance with completion of the “Statement of Conditions”™
  • Conduct proactive risk assessments for each of the EOC Plans
  • Provide support in Emergency (Disaster) Management, including development of a facility-specific hazard vulnerability analysis and revision of organization-wide Emergency Management Plans
  • Facilitate evaluation of tests of your emergency management plan
  • Coordinate the provision of “Fire Classes”
  • Develop and oversee compliance with Safety Management plans and programs including staff education, safety hazard surveys, organization-specific safety policies and procedures, and support of the Environment of Care (EOC)/Safety Committee
  • Organize Management of the Environment of Care documentation to demonstrate compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Coordinate compliance with regulatory requirements for medical equipment and utility systems management

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